Add-on version 1.8 has been released


Recently we have released the plug-in version 1.8, we made improvements to the pop-up window that suddenly stopped.

Why does this add-on still exist?
We are aware that all browsers restrict access to popup window, so we cannot detect whether a video is actually being watched.

We have developed this add-on to keep the video watching until time runs out.

We are just a forum and we want all members to get what they want.


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4 thoughts on - Add-on version 1.8 has been released

  • Use the old system where it worked with multiple windows open at the same time. I don’t gain enough credits with 1 season, even with premium…

    • Hi mate, that’s not possible, because the youtube algorithm is currently changing, multi window won’t count views, it will be detrimental to other members.

    • Hi mate, unfortunately there has never been a system that can detect unsubscribe in the long run because the API on YouTube is very limited.
      we can only detect within a certain time limit. it’s useless, most members unsubscribe after getting credit. We turned off this feature because we didn’t want to disappoint members.