How to make a campaign


You must create a campaign so that your YouTube videos or channels get action (Views, Likes & Subscribers) from other members.

Please click on the Campaign menu > Create Campaign

Please fill in your video details and other setting options


  1. Random Duration: This is very important so that your video is watched with varying lengths by each viewer.
  2. YouTube Like: If you want viewers to like your video please activate this feature. (Requires additional 30 coins for each like).
  3. Proxy Audience: If you activate this feature your video will be watched by all types of viewers (Proxy and non proxy).
  4. Show Ads: If your video has ads (adsense), you can choose to serve the ad to viewers or to skip. If an ad is shown, the duration of your video will be reduced by the duration of the ad, sometimes the ad will take up the entire duration.

How much does it cost for each campaign?

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