[UPDATE] Repository for browser add-ons


This page is a Repository for add-ons, you will find the latest versions of add-ons here.

Firefox  : Download / Update (*v3.6.2) (March 11, 2023) Waterfox : Download / Update (*v3.6.2) (March 11, 2023) Edge     : Download / Update (*v3.0.1) (March 16, 2023)
Chrome   : Download / Update (*v1.2.5) (March 11, 2023) Opera    : Download / Update (*v1.2.5) (March 11, 2023) 

What’s new?

  • Fixed a bug in the popup window
  • Fixed a bug on searching videos in channels
  • Minimize resources
  • Improve the performance


You need to configure your browser, please follow the instructions: Learn here

Note : Each update allows some features in the old version to no longer work.

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