Troubleshooting for Worker


We are aware that some users are not optimally using worker to get coins, a problem that often occurs is because of the devices and browsers they use.

The following is the resolution of the problem:



We will always update the add-ons and workers in the future if needed, you should keep the add-ons with the latest version, please always check here:

Every update usually your browser still caches old data, please clean your browser if needed.


Make sure your connection is stable because our system will verify your every action.


We recommend using a minimum of Windows 7 / Windows 2016 or above.
Min 2GB RAM (without other applications running).

Warning!! Don’t use free RDP service with low specs and bad connection, it will waste your time, workers don’t support that.

Our system will crash if the device you are using is too busy and doesn’t even get coins.


Currently Workers only works for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Browser problems

Sometimes on chrome and edge browsers you will see a white screen when you leave your activity and workers will refresh and stop operating. To solve the problem please follow this link

Videos do not start automatically, this is because your browser blocks sound and video, learn here

Troubleshooting add-ons

Add-ons will stop the action if:
– Autoplay for sound and video is blocked by the browser, learn here
– Video not played
– The device does not support HTML5
– The device is too busy so the video isn’t playing correctly
– The browser version is outdated
– Using RDP with low device specifications will prevent the video from playing correctly
– Unstable connection will make the video not played.
– Browser crashes prevent videos from playing correctly.

Committing a violation:
– Efforts to speed up video
– Move to another page before time runs out
– Video paused
– Turn off add-on functions
– Not watching properly
– Video buffering is taking too long
– Refresh the page while watching

If you have any further problems please refresh the pop-up on the worker or press F5.

How to get automatic and unlimited coins

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