Troubleshooting for Worker


We are aware that some users are not optimally using worker to get coins, a problem that often occurs is because of the devices and browsers they use.

Troubleshooting for workers

Rules on workers

  1. Before running your workers you must have active campaigns, campaigns that are budget constrained and have been reached will be considered inactive.
  2. You can run all workers at one time according to the quota of workers you have.
  3. Each IP can only be used by 1 account.
  4. Each browser can only run one worker, please use another browser or device to run the rest of your workers
  5. You can leave tabs but not minimize them.

If you want to run the worker for a long time, you must configure your browser to prevent browser freeze and you can also perform other activities in the same browser while the worker is running.

  1. Configuration for Chrome, Opera, Edge: Learn here
  2. Configuration for Firefox, Waterfox : Learn here

For firefox browser you must allow audio and video, otherwise your browser will block every video, learn here

The system will count every action taken by your workers, such as watching, liking, subscribing or liking comments. each action will be calculated to daily action and total action.

Make sure your connection is stable to prevent video buffering, the video should still play properly until the duration is over.

IP Usage
Please use good quality IP, avoid using poor quality IPs or public (free) proxies to prevent account suspension.

Make sure your device resources are sufficient, if your device crashes the worker will be stopped and the coins will not be added.

Troubleshooting add-ons

Please use the latest version of the extension that we have tested, please check here.


  1. Some browser extensions are not compatible with ViewGrip extensions, if you are having problems please try disabling other extensions to find the problem.
  2. Make sure your device’s security system doesn’t block the performance of extensions and workers.


  1. Autoplay for sound and video is blocked by the browser, learn here
  2. Video not played
  3. Video is muted
  4. The device does not support HTML5
  5. The device is too busy so the video isn’t playing correctly
  6. The browser version is outdated
  7. Using RDP with low device specifications will prevent the video from playing correctly
  8. Unstable connection will make the video not played.
  9. Browser crashes prevent videos from playing correctly.
  10. Efforts to speed up video
  11. Move to another page before time runs out
  12. Video paused
  13. Turn off add-on functions
  14. Not watching properly
  15. Video buffering is taking too long
  16. Refresh the page while watching

If you have any further problems please refresh the pop-up on the worker or press F5.

[UPDATE] Repository for browser add-ons

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