Updates About How Your Campaign Works


Recently we have implemented an update to improve the work of the campaign and workers.

Every time another user takes an action for your campaign the system will instantly calculate the estimated total cost and the number of coins will be deducted from the total estimated cost.

We assume you have 100 coins and 10 campaigns, each campaign has a cost of 5 coins.

  1. 10 x 5 x Total visitors = Total estimated cost.
  2. 100 coins you haveTotal estimated cost (this calculation will not affect the number of coins on your dashboard).
  3. If another user fails to perform the action the system will reduce the total estimated cost. (Check will run every one minute).

Why is my campaign slowing down?

  1. The problem is that the coins you have are less than the estimated total cost or the user failed to complete the action.
  2. System is processing indexing (applies to newly created campaigns)

Auto targeting
The system will prioritize visitors to take action on campaigns that match the region on your profile, if the user is not available according to the region on your profile then users from any region will take action on your campaign.

This update is effective on Thursday, September 15, 2022.


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