We have launched channel blacklist feature


Thank you for being a part of this community. Recently we have launched a channel blacklist feature to prevent users who are continuously cheating by creating multiple accounts and harming other members’ campaigns.

We’ve worked hard to suspend users who continue to commit this cheating. We know this is bad because they have attacked by posting bad ratings on PlayStore, but we have to ensure campaigns get actions from unique and different people and devices to prevent invalid traffic.

How blacklisted channels work:

  • Channels that have been blacklisted mean that all content on the channel can no longer be added to the campaign.
  • The blacklist can be permanent if the user is too stubborn to continue cheating.


We realize some members complain about the rules but some members realize the service requires action from unique and different people, devices and networks, we could just repeal all the rules but we would be bumped into more complicated issues and make it useless.

Stop following tutorials to cheat our system because they will only mislead you, we are aware and know all their tricks and we will continuously make updates to prevent this.

Each service has its own way but we are very open to receiving reasonable suggestions from all members, because all the features currently available are at the request of users that we have tested and analyzed.

Thank you for your support.

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