We’ve made changes to workers


Sorry for the trouble that happened in the past few days, we really appreciate your patience, now we no longer develop the old version of workers because of the many limitations to control the pop-up window and sometimes the pop-up window will close itself for no reason, we assume the browser’s security system has closed it because it opens another domain.

Now we switch to the extension to run the worker system, now the button to run the worker is in the extension, learn here.

What’s new?

  1. We can add more social media links like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google and we will continue to add them to make it more natural.
  2. More efficient without opening more windows.

Thank you for being a part of ViewGrip, we have been working non-stop to make the features reasonable, basically we have tested all the features, but it is possible that there may be some errors or bugs, and we need users to report them.


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